Have a Claims EMERGENCY?

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Superior claims handling is critical.

Upstream’s worth as a business partner is truly confirmed by our handling of claims – it’s what separates a broker from a trusted business partner. While designing the right insurance program and providing exceptional service are essential functions, it is proper and expedient claims handling that enables you to get back to business as usual.

Pre-planning for claims is a priority.

We have designated adjustors, contractors and vendors assigned for our clients as part of the pre-planning process. Once a claim has been opened, we are on site and highly-involved in the claims process – on a daily basis. We immediately demand, and receive, large business income disbursements for repairs and ongoing operations.

Insurance policies are just paper until you have a claim.

No one expects or anticipates a claim, but they do happen to the best – sometimes when you least expect it. At Upstream, we believe there should be no surprises in how the claim is handled. We will provide the guidance and assistance that make the difference between merely surviving a claim or achieving the best possible outcome for you and your practice.