Upstream Brokers analyzes your exposures carefully before crafting your commercial insurance policy.

“At Upstream, our clients have one stable account service team for all coverages needed, and we never outsource any part of the account.”

Some of Our Commercial & Industrial Clients Include

Equipment Dealers
Mills & Plants

Logistics Chains

Global competition, outsourcing, and governmental mandates are creating a distressful atmosphere in the industrial segment. Unlike any other sector of the US economy, the fear of litigation from a defective product, harm to your good reputation, employee issues, and various other burdens create a challenge to these organizations. Upstream will supplement your Risk Management and Loss Control teams to mitigate these uncertainties and protect your property, assets and your good name. From single locations to international facilities with multiple locations, Upstream understands your complex needs and will partner with you to put together a comprehensive program.

We offer an extensive suite of insurance products for our clients

Products Liability

Environmental / Pollution

Cyber / Internet Risks

Foreign Products & Liabilities

Crime Exposures

Crisis Response

Equipment and Property Programs